Vorm “Ring 28cm”

Kuumakse al. 6.96 / 12 kuud




Välised mõõdud: Diameeter 27.6 cm, Kõrgus 6.8 cm

Seesmised mõõdud: Diameeter 28.9 cm, Kõrgus7.6 cm

The neutral quality of this spherical shape is a perfect template for artistic objects, whether round, square, triangular or any other shape. Due to the depth of the mold, they can be used well as soup, salad or dessert bowl. While some like the pendulum motion of the finished piece of glass, some stick bumps to the base to make them more stable. Regardless of how you place the glass on the mold, you always get a perfectly spherical glass shape. Tolerances of ceramic molds are production-related.

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